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It has been ages since I posted a non vegetarian recipe and this urge to make a biryani tempted me to make this dum biryani. What pleased me even more was not only did this biryani turn out tasty, but looks like I finally managed to figure out the knack of cooking the rice perfectly too. 😀

This is what you’ll need

For the chicken

Chicken: 800gms (1 medium sized chicken cut into 8-10 pieces)

Chilli powder: 1tbsp

Turmeric powder: 1/2tsp

Onions: 2 (large and thinly sliced)

Ginger garlic paste: 2tbsp

Yoghurt: 1/2 cup

Green chillies: 5

Cinnamon: 1/4″ piece

Cloves: 2

Cardamom: 3

Bay leaf: 1

Star anise: 2

Coriander leaves: 1/4 cup (finely chopped)

Mint leaves: 2tbsp (finely chopped)

Ghee: 3tbsp

Salt to taste

For the biryani masala

Cashew nuts: 15 (soaked in water for 10 minutes)

Poppy seeds: 1tsp

Red chillies: 8

Coriander seeds: 2tbsp

Cinnamon: 1/2″ piece

Cloves: 3

Cardamom: 3

Pepper corns: 1tsp

For the rice

Rice: 2.5 cups

Cardamom: 3

Cinnamon: 1/2″ piece

Cloves: 4

Vinegar: 1tsp

Food colouring (optional)

Saffron: Few strands dissolved in 1/4cup of warm milk

Rose water: 1tsp

Dough to seal the biryani handi

Fried onions, cashew nut pieces and raisins for garnishing (optional)

Salt to taste

Let’s get cooking

For the Chicken

1. Marinate the chicken with chilli powder, turmeric powder, 1/4 cup yoghurt and salt for an hour.

2. Dry roast the ingredients mentioned under biryani masala, except the cashew nuts and when cool grind along with the cashew nuts to a fine paste. Keep aside.

3. Heat 2 tbsp of ghee in a wide pan and season with the cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bay leaf and star anise.

4. Add the sliced onions and whole green chillies. Saute until the onions are transparent.

5. Add the ginger garlic paste and fry until the raw smell disappears.

6. Now mix in the cashew paste and fry for 2 minutes. Soon after add the remaining yoghurt and fry again.

7. Add the marinated chicken and fry well for 3 to 4 minutes.

8. Add 1/2 a glass of water (maybe even less) and let the chicken cook well. Let the gravy become thick and coat chicken pieces well.

9. Keep aside for later to assemble the biryani.

For the rice

1. Wash and soak the rice for at least one hour. Drain well and pat dry.

2. In a large pan add water along with the whole spices, vinegar and salt. Bring it to a boil.

3. Add the drained rice to the boiling water and cook until half done. (If the rice has been soaked well, it takes just about 5 to 6 minutes for it to be half cooked)

4. Drain out the water and spread the rice on a wide plate to cool. If using food colouring, add it to half of the rice.

To assemble the biryani

1. In a non stick biryani handi (which is what I used) spread a layer of the rice at the bottom.

2. Over this layer of rice spread the chicken curry evenly.

3. Sprinkle half of the coriander leaves and mint leaves over the chicken layer.

4. Finally, top the chicken layer with the remaining rice.

5. Sprinkle the remaining coriander leaves, mint leaves and pour the saffron milk along with the rose water evenly around.

6. Pour the remaining ghee and cover the handi. Seal well with the prepared dough making sure there are no openings.

7. Place a big tava on the gas and on that place your biryani handi. Let the biryani cook for half an hour.

8. Switch off the gas, remove from flame and let it cool down.

9. Open the lid, mix gently and garnish with onions, cashew nut pieces and raisins.

10. Serve hot with raita.

Approximate preparation and cooking: 1 hour (excluding chicken marination time and rice soaking time)

Serves: 6





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