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This is what you’ll need

Wheat Flour: 1cup)

Onion: 1 (big)

Green chilli: 1

Coriander leaves: Few

Salt to Taste

Oil to roast loli.

Let’s get cooking

1. Chop the onion, green chilli and coriander leaves finely.

2. Mix all the chopped ingredients, and salt along with the flour in a bowl and knead to a soft dough with water.

3. Roll out into thick rounds and fry on a tava until done and nicely brown on both sides.

4. Serve with pickle or dahi (yoghurt)

Approximate preparation and cooking time: 30 minutes

Dietician’s Note

Even though some of its nutritive value is lost while milling whole wheat into flour, wheat flour is still a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre as compared to flour.





A recipe that my Mum learnt when she was in college and used to be my Grandfather’s favourite. Every time my granny asked if she should make Puris, his first question would be are you making Kadluma Puris??

Not as simple and easy to make as the regular puris, but an occasional treat is always welcome in any home. You could say that these are the puri version of the popular North Indian Laccha Paratha, meaning layered.

This is what you’ll need

Wheat flour: 3 cups

Hot water: 1 cup

Melted ghee: 3tbsp

Salt to taste

Oil for frying

Let’s get cooking

1. Remove 3tbsp of the flour from the measured flour.

2. To the rest of the flour, add enough water and salt. Knead to a dough.

3. Keep it covered for half an hour.

4. Divide the dough into lemon sized balls.

5. Mix 2tbsp of ghee with 2 tbsp of the flour (that was kept aside).

6. Mix the rest of the flour in the dough balls and roll each one out into puris.

7. Smear the top with the ghee and flour mixture and fold into half.

8. Smear the mixture again and fold again lengthwise.

9. Once more smear the mixture and fold into half again.

10. Roll this from one end to the other and press lightly.

11. Roll out into thick puris, using flour if necessary.

12. Deep fry in hot oil and serve hot with chana or any other curry.

Approximate preparation and cooking time: 1 hour


This is what you’ll need

Wheat flour: 2 cups

Gram flour: 1 cup

Spring onions: 250gms

Cumin seeds: 1tsp

Chilli powder: ½tsp

Garam masala: ½tsp

Dahi: 2tbsp

Salt to taste


Let’s get cooking

1. Chop the spring onions finely, along with the greens and keep aside.

2. Heat the oil in a pan season with the cumin seeds.

3. When they sputter, add the spring onions and sauté.

4. Add the powders along with the salt and fry for 2 mor eminutes. Remove from flame to cool.

5. Add the wheat flour, gram flour and the yoghurt. Mix and knead to a dough with water.

6. Roll out parathas and fry with oil on a hot tava.

7. Serve with yoghurt or pickle.

Dietician’s Note

This paratha is made with a cereal (wheat flour) pulse (gram flour) combination making it a very good source of protein.

Spring onions are known to reduce the levels of cholesterol and lower the blood
pressure, thus reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. They
also contain substances that prevent the formation of blood clots.

Spring onions contain a substance called quercitin, which is used against tumors.
That’s why eating them regularly reduces the risk for several types of cancer,
in particular colon cancer.

Good for diabetics, as spring onions are known to keep blood sugar levels under control. They are also very low in calories, hence good for those on weight reduction diets.


This is what you’ll need

Wheat flour: 2 cups

Spinach puree: 4tbsp

Paneer: 75gms

Chilli powder: ½tsp

Garam masala: ¼tsp

Yoghurt: 4 tbsp

Salt to taste


Let’s get cooking

1. Crumble the paneer and mix all the ingredients in a big mixing bowl.

2. Knead to a firm dough. Add water only if required.

3. Divide the dough into equal portions and roll out into parathas.

4. Serve with yoghurt or chunda.

Approximate preparation and cooking time: 1 hour

Dietician’s Note

Spinach is is a very nutrient dense food. It is low in calories and very high in vitamins, minerals.

It is an outstanding source of vitamins C and A which are antioxidants that help reduce free radical and keep cholesterol from oxidizing. Thus reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. In addition, it has folate which is good for a healthy cardiovascular system, as well as magnesium, a mineral that helps to lower high blood pressure.

This green leafy vegetable is an excellent source of iron which is a component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to all body cells. Hence good for anaemics.

The combination with the paneer makes it rich in protein too.



A very popular breakfast prepared in North India is Aloo Paratha. My kids love parathas of all kind and it is an easy way to get them to eat all vegetables, especially because the stuffing for the paratha can be changed. Today it was aloo paratha and with that dollop of butter you just can’t resist it!!

This is what you’ll need

Wheat flour: 3 cups

Potatoes: 3

Chilli powder: ½tsp

Cumin powder: 1tsp

Amchur: 1/2tsp

Green chillies: 3 (finely chopped)

Coriander leaves: Few (finely chopped)

Lemon juice: 1tsp

Salt to taste


Let’s get cooking

1. Boil the potatoes. Peel, grate and keep aside.

2. Take the flour in a big mixing bowl. Knead well.

3. In a pan add a little oil along with the chilli powder,cumin powder, chopped coriander leaves, green chillies and salt. Fry for a minute. Add the potato and amchur. Mix well and remove from flame.

4. Divide into equal sized portions both the dough and the potato mixture.(around 6-8)

5. Roll out the dough into a medium sized circle, fill it with the potato mixture and seal well. Roll out again. Fry with oil on both sides until done.

6. Serve hot with a dollop of butter on top, along with yoghurt and pickle.

Approximate preparation and cooking time: 40 minutes

Serves: 4


This is what you’ll need

Methi leaves: 1 bunch

Wheat flour: 3 cups

Chilli powder: ½tsp

Garlic: 2 cloves

Turmeric powder: ¼tsp

Cumin powder: ¼tsp

Yoghurt: 3tbsp

Sugar: ½tsp (optional)

Salt to taste


Let’s get cooking

1. Wash and chop the fenugreek leaves. Crush the garlic with a motar and pestle.

2. Put them in a big mixing bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and adding enough water, knead to a smooth soft dough.

3. Divide this dough into equal portions and roll out into 4″ circles.

4. Fry on a tava adding a little oil, until brown on both sides.

5. Serve hot with yoghurt.

Approximate preparation and cooking time: 45 minutes.

Dietician’s Note

Fenugreek leaves not only add flavour to the recipe, but are also rich in nurtients and minerals.

They are an excellent source of iron, hence a good choice for anaemic people.

Fenugreek is rich in anti-oxidants and other nutrients which show protective effetcs against cancer.

Fenugreek is also known to reduce cholesterol, diabetes and also in maintaining weight. Hence this paratha is a good option for diabetics, people on weight reducing diets and hypercholesterolaemia. Minimal oil can be used.

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