Growing up in a liberal Indian household, my earliest memories of good food involved a fusion of traditional Konkani, Maharashtrian, North/South Indian and Western cuisines.

My mother is a talented cook, a well travelled individual and inspired in me the tradition to innovate and to blend the spiciness of my heritage, with the cuilinary traditions of the world. My efforts were always encouraged with a smile.

As a teenager my initial experiments with cooking were not always successful. My first chicken curry was a disaster, with it turning out to be a half cooked horror. I remember being in tears and inconsolable. It took a fabulous takeaway from a restaurant close by home to banish my embarassment. I learnt since then to take failure in my stride.

My passion for perfection in good food urged me to take up a career in Home Science and a Masters in Dietetics and Nutrition. I am now a full time mom to two growing children and the better half of a committed foodie, who challenges me to innovate and adapt my cuilinary skills to new highs.

Now with time on my hands I want to share the stories of two decades of my cooking and integrate my passion for good food in this website. Not to forget constant encouragement from family and friends too. So here’s to traditional old recipes and new ones too. Ready steady cook!!! Hope you find it enjoyable and in your taste is my satisfaction.


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  1. Shwetha Kamath says:

    Aparna, CONGRATS! I am really excited in trying out the Recipes! Very thought provoking. WELL DONE! Look forward to browsing your website daily to see new recipes!

    I am sure it’ll be a huge success!

    Take Care


  2. Meghna Saboo says:

    Amazing concept Aparna…way to go!!! your cooking has always been great.

  3. Namita Thadani says:

    Awesome!!! congrats Aparna!…….way 2 go:)

  4. Sonia says:

    Way to go Aparna. Share an email id out here.

  5. Purnima Baliga says:

    Great effort Aparna! We’ll always be there to try out your recipes and encourage you. Keep it flowing!

  6. giridhara mallya says:

    Frankly I did not know that Aprarna blogs on this website and it came as a surprise when I went through this website and found some amazing recipes. It was a heaven sent opportunity for me to feast on the gorgeous sights of the various delectable stuff shown here. The website layout is also good, easy on the eyes and pleasing to the senses. Wonderful work Aparna, fabulous way of sharing your immense talent with folks like us. I did not fail to notice that you have profusely thanked your better half too for challenging you to higher efforts in culinary delights. Thank you very much for all the initiative for devoting your energy for this website and contributions to KAF. Keep up the good work.

  7. Shveta says:

    Hi Aparna,
    I like your website. Going to try some of your recipes soon. Will tell you how it turns out. Best wishes,

  8. Ajeet says:

    This is great Aparna.
    The website is simple and crisp. No clutter.
    The photos look great and make me hungry.
    Typically what a good website should be.
    I will be asking a lot of people to check this out.

  9. Nikita Desai says:

    Hey Aparna,

    Not a regular on FAcebook so I recently found out about this website. Must say you have done awesome and can’t wait to try out your recipes as I love indian cooking and kinda have a dearth of traditional indian foods in Toronto. Thanks!!

  10. VP Pai says:

    I am looking for loshney chutney, karbeva chutney and kothla nonche recipes that could taste something like Kodial Dorkey style adapted for USA ingredients. Thoughts, ideas or who to go to?

  11. Swati Fitkariwala says:

    Very easy and quick recipies i found here.

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